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Cover Letter

Cover Letter

Cover Letter

The two most important marketing documents you will ever need to create are the resume or curriculum vitae (CV) and the cover letter. We can provide a series of detailed cover letters for you to use on most occasions. 

You will need a specific cover letter for every job application; a form letter is not the answer if you are going to convince a potential employer to call you for an interview. The goal of your cover letter is to be dynamic and specific highlighting the reasons why you are an appropriate candidate.

We have provided you with a number of tools and resources to make it easy for you. Take what you like from the options below. Modify the templates to suit your needs and your personal style. You’ll be on your way to an interview before you know it.


There are 12 rules that apply for cover letters.


A well constructed cover letter is one that sells the concept that you're a good fit for the company to which you're applying. In order to devise a winning sales pitch for your letter, you need to understand what makes the company tick (its products, history, market standing, goals, challenges, mission statement, industry, clientele, corporate culture, etc.).

Composing a Cover Letter

Keep it to one page, use the words in their advertisement if replying to an advertisement or be consistent with your resume when sending an unsolicited letter.

Sample Phrases

10 categories to use as examples for building a good cover letter. View this section for sample phrases to use in your cover letter.

Sample Cover Letters

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