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Job Interview Tools

Job Interview Tools

Job Interview Tools

General Information

The interview is your time to shine - don’t blow it by freaking out. Put your best foot forward and you will improve your changes of success. Our tools will help you prepare so that you manage first impressions and control the content and flow of the meeting. Knowing your communication style and the style of the interviewer will help you communicate your message effectively. Appropriate follow-up will remind the interviewer of your skills and capabilities.

Job interviews are a competitive process. How you present yourself as a candidate will ultimately determine whether you stand apart from the other applicants as being the best fit for the job and the company. Your best shot is to understand the process and what the interviewer is looking for. You can’t be too prepared for an interview.

Interviews & Interviewers

There are two major categories of job interviews

The first, “the screening interview” is used to screen someone in or out and the second, “the decision interview” is used for making the actual hiring decision. Usually each type of interview is conducted by a different kind of interviewer.

Interview Preparation

There are some basic steps you need to take to prepare effectively for an interview.


Now it’s time to look at the total interview situation, not just the exchange of information, to consider how you can best prepare to manage the entire process.

Controlling Content & Flow

In addition to the interview preparation steps, there are other techniques you will want to utilise to control the interview and position yourself effectively in the interview.

Following Up

Keep the momentum going to increase your chance of success and remember all contact is a possible lead to your next career step.

A follow up thank you letter after any communication or meeting with a potential employer is essential to position you as an ideal candidate. Most people don’t bother doing this.