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Job Application Tools

Job Application Tools

Job Application Tools

Application Tracker

Not keeping up to date on which job applications you have outstanding? With this sites application tracker, you can keep track of all your job applications and their progress in one central location. Our application tracker gives you the ability to manage and track your job applications so you spend less time shuffling papers.


Creating a Cover Letter

The two most important marketing documents you will ever need to create are the resume or curriculum vitae (CV) and the cover letter. We can provide a series of detailed cover letters for you to use on most occasions.




A resume won’t get you a job. It is a tool to help get you an interview… if its good enough! Your resume needs to prove why you’re the best person for the job. Think of it as a brochure selling what makes you stand out from the crowd via your unique skills, experience and attributes.




My Broadcast

This site has been created to enable you to build a professional career profile on our site. We call it ‘My Broadcast’ and it is the career equivalent of MySpace or Facebook

Your profile is a critical tool for leveraging contacts, building networks and growing your career.

You also have the ability to activate a public profile in ‘My Broadcast’ that can be viewed and searched by advertisers, colleagues, your network etc. You will be able to determine yourself what is publicly visible in your own ‘My Broadcast’ and can change this at any time.

Thank You Letters

Never underestimate the power of saying thanks. If someone has assisted you in your career journey, take the time to say thank you. You will be remembered for it.