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Application Tracker

Application Tracker

Application Tracker

Not keeping up to date on which job applications you have outstanding? With this sites application tracker, you can keep track of all your job applications and their progress in one central location.

Our application tracker gives you the ability to manage and track your job applications so you spend less time shuffling papers.

Here is what it can do for you:

    • Record and track all the jobs you have applied for including the ad itself.
    • If you send a specific resume and cover letter for various job applications, you will be able to identify what was sent and when.
    • Keep relevant contact details for each job. The recruiter’s email address, the interviewer’s title, direct phone numbers, assistants names etc.
    • Record and track the full history of all of your applications, even over many years. Some time in the future, you might want to call that recruiter again and discuss your next move.
    • Record and keep electronic notes for each application. You might like to note what the interviewer’s comments were, what they focused on, how long the commute took, what the culture was like, your initial concerns or observations and anything else that is meaningful for you.
    • Give you full access to all the information you have utilised for each application to help you grow your career.

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