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My Broadcast

My Broadcast

My Broadcast

This site has been created to enable you to build a professional career profile on our site.  We call it ‘My Broadcast’ and it is the career equivalent of MySpace or Facebook.

Your profile is a critical tool for leveraging contacts, building networks and growing your career.

You also have the ability to activate a public profile in ‘My Broadcast’ that can be viewed and searched by advertisers, colleagues, your network etc.  You will be able to determine yourself what is publicly visible in your own ‘My Broadcast’ and can change this at any time. 

You can use this site to highlight your unique knowledge, skills, abilities, expertise, experience, career plans etc.

Leveraging My Broadcast

‘My Broadcast’ is your own personal home page on this site. It is essentially your own career network, incorporating your own jobsite. Click more info to see how you can leverage the power of 'My Broadcast.'

Setting Up My Broadcast

Maximise your exposure by learning everything you need to know about the My Broadcast Page. Everything featured on 'My Broadcast' is explained including how to use job alerts, adding tags, editing and uploading Your Resume, and explanations of URL's, bookmarking, Availability and others.