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Sample Phrases

Sample Phrases

Sample Phrases



You are discreetly fishing to see what is available:
I am currently the CEO of a very successful family business that manufactures widgets for the domestic and international markets. The purpose of this communication is to seek some advice as to the prospects of moving into a listed global player in this or a related field.

My Career Achievements;

      • Managing a $40M EBIT turn around in 24 months.
      • Restructuring the plant to a just in time facility in 6 months.
      • Re-equipping the plant to fully computerise the process and effect a significant staff reduction.
      • Rationalising the marketing and sales functions into one cohesive group.
      • Outsourcing all the marketing functions to a series of service providers and saving 40% on a Marketing budget of $1M.
      • I coordinated the merging of the sales and marketing units into one cohesive department and simultaneously centralised all customer service and field sales servicing into the main office saving 35% in one year.


You are seeking advice regarding a career change:
I am recent honours graduate with a double degree in accounting and commercial law, wishing to seek your advice, as a partner in a leading firm, as to how I can succeed in gaining a graduate position in one of the top four.

My Academic and Career achievements are;

      • Graduated in the top 5% in NSW.
      • Appointed head prefect for 2000.
      • Achieved appointments as CO of the school cadets regiment.
      • Graduated Sydney University with Honours in 2004.


You are asking the CEO to advise you the correct contact for the job:

The purpose of this letter is to get some guidance from a CEO or to have the CEO direct an executive underling to handle your request. Generally this will happen because the CEO has directed it to.

I am writing to your office as I am finding it difficult to find out whom I should direct my enquiry to. I am very enthusiastic about gaining an entry-level role in XYZ Corporation as I am a 23 year old IT graduate with an interest in electric garage door openers.

My academic and career achievements are;

      • Graduated in the top 15% in NSW in 2004.
      • Achieved a Bachelor of Computing Science with Distinctions.
      • Achieved the ABC Award for excellence in sport 2000.
      • Invited to permanently join NMO Garage Door Openers Pty Ltd after 3 months work experience.


You have a common contact and want to touch base re a role:
You can mention a personal contact’s name that the prospect knows. Examples follow;

"Jane Eyre recommended I speak with you about your opening for a sales manager."

"My former colleague, Julie Bell, spoke so highly of XYZ Corporation that I decided to send you my resume to see if there are any opportunities."

"I recently attended an Institute of Directors luncheon with George Benson who told me the inspiring story about your career and I was so enthralled I would really appreciate an opportunity to meet you."

The follow on from any of these;

If you are available may I buy you coffee as I am eager to find a mentor who has achieved as much as you etc


You are going in cold to an unknown prospective employer:
I am a CPA with an interest in becoming a professional auditor. My achievements to date have all been in that field and I am inspired by the opportunities. Until 2002 I was a field officer for the department of finance, responsible for managing internal audit procedures. I left to pursue an MBA, which I have now completed.


You can be of special interest to the prospective employer:
I am a specialist in audio technology and I read in The Financial Review that you are employing foreign graduates to work in your Audio Manufacturing Company. I graduated with Honours in mechanical engineering from UWS in 1999 and I would relish an opportunity to work in such an innovative company as yours.


The follow up letter after a meeting or phone call:
It was a pleasure meeting with you and your colleagues today to discuss the sales manager NSW role. I thank you for the opportunity to discuss this role with you and the impact it will have on your business. I am excited about the possibility of being offered this role.


I have been the top producing field sales manager for 4 years running at XYZ Corporation and I have fulfilled every goal set so I believe I am ready to now move to the next level. Thank you for your time and I am very enthusiastic about the role.


A letter to the HR Department to get some assistance:
I am a recent graduate in marketing and I have a passion for telecommunications, which has been my hobby since a child. I wish to make a career in a company like XYZ Corporation and I would appreciate some advice about making an entry.

I have attached my CV for your perusal and would appreciate any opportunity to meet with you or a nominee to discuss this.


An application letter in reply to a newspaper advertisement:
I am responding to your recent advertisement for operations and logistics specialist. I recently completed my 5th year at XYZ Corporation as operations and logistics coordinator, plastics division, and I am looking to make a career move into a more senior management position.

My Career Achievements:

Relate your achievements to their advertisement wording. As a rule it is better not to offer more than they are asking for. Use as many of their words and phrases as possible as this ensures you fit within their parameters.


A letter to a recruiter or headhunter seeking help to assist you:
I am responding to your recent advertisement for a Chief Financial Officer. I been the deputy Financial controller of a $300 million Corporation for nearly 4 years, in that time I completed my MBA from Macquarie Graduate School with distinctions in corporate governance and audit and I now need a greater challenge.

My Career Achievements:

Relate your achievements to their advertisement wording. As a rule it is better not to offer more than they are asking for. Use as many of their words and phrases as possible as this ensures you fit within their parameters to ensure you are invited to an interview.