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Resume Types

Resume Types

Resume Types



Resume Types
There are two key types of resumes.  They will suit different people depending on their background. These are:

      This is the most commonly used and popular type of resume. It lists information in chronological order with the most recent appearing first. It is easy to read and enables a simple review of your history. It also shows (ideally), a steady career progression. The focus is solidly on time, job continuity, growth, and achievements.

      This type of resume concentrates on the skills, experience and accomplishments of your total career history. It emphasises what you have done rather than when or where you did it.  It is more difficult to read because your career history may not appear clearly.  It is however appropriate if you have extensive achievements and wish to change careers or if you have large gaps in your work history. Accomplishments, qualifications and experience are grouped together to emphasise your experience in specialty or functional areas.

      This type of resume combines both chronological and functional. It uses a career profile, which is a functional style listing of relevant skills and accomplishments, and then proceeds to describe employment and education histories in reverse chronological order. The experience section directly supports the functional section.


Some Friendly Advice
Unless a functional resume conveys your suitability significantly better than the other types, a chronological or combination format is suggested for entry-level positions. Avoid using a functional resume unless an employer specifically requests that format because they are more likely to lose the reader’s attention.