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Leveraging My Broadcast

Leveraging My Broadcast

Leveraging My Broadcast


There are many ways you can leverage the power of ‘My Broadcast’:

  • To network as a host for video resume
  • To link and display examples of your work
  • To link to relevant websites
  • To tag yourself
  • To bookmark people, companies and jobs

‘My Broadcast’ is your own personal home page on this site. It is essentially your own career network, incorporating your own jobsite.

You are in control of ‘My Broadcast’. Once you have taken the time to create it, it is also in your interest to keep it fully updated and use it as your professional home page. At any point in time, you can change any of your information including what is and is not publicly viewable.

My Broadcast is only available if you are registered with us.

Click here to Register now

If you are registered, make sure you are logged on, then go to ‘My Broadcast’ to set it up or manage it.