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Setting Up My Broadcast

Setting Up My Broadcast

Setting Up My Broadcast


We recommend you set up the following items. This will ensure you are getting the best you can from our site:


My Job Alerts
We have highly advanced Job Alerts. Our philosophy is to make life easy for you, and as such we will not send you daily job emails listing hundreds of links to jobs that might match you. Our intuitive feed keeps track of when you were last at your own job site and tells you how many new jobs there are since your last visit. Simple isn’t it?

My Shortlist
Shortlisting jobs is easy with our site. You can shortlist jobs as you search that you might want to look at more closely or even apply for later. It is essentially like a shopping trolley that you use to collect interesting jobs or jobs that might be worth applying for along the way.

My Resume
We recommend that you upload a number of different resumes, just in case you need different versions, for example, a detailed resume, a short resume etc. You can upload resume’s in PDF, Word or any other recognised format. We also recommend that you take the time to complete an on-line resume. This will allow you to capture your information in a format that is readily searchable by advertisers.

My Cover Letters
We recommend that you upload a number of different cover letters for you to access at any point in time.

My Tags
We recommend that you create tags for you to be known as. This will give you another dimension through which you can search for jobs. ‘Tagging’ makes it easy for other people to find you too including potential employers. Your tags are the simplest way to describe yourself in ‘My Broadcast’. They could be skills (.net, JAVA), industries (FMCG, Advertising) or just general tags (leader, guru, etc). Candidates can ‘tag’ themselves to make it easier for them to connect with other users. Whatever tags you think will best sum up your uniqueness, skills, personality or goals, will help you expand your career network. Tags allow you to connect with people, advertisers or companies through a few relevant words or phrases.

My Photo/My Video
We recommend that you upload your photo and video to show the world what you are about – a great way to convey your energy, enthusiasm, style etc. You can upload your video resume to ‘My Broadcast’ through either uploading your own personal video or by linking to a site that has your videos listed (such as YouTube, Google, Yahoo etc).

My Availability - Candidates
You can set your availability to suit your circumstances. For example, you may be happily employed, looking to network, looking for a job, contracting until the end of the month, etc.

My Links
You are able to add links to ‘My Broadcast’. This allows you to showcase yourself by linking to other sites that have information on you, such as your business, your blog, businesses that you have created, sites showing your work, sites you might have created etc.

Once you have created ‘My Broadcast’, you have the ability to make it public and pick your own personalised URL. This allows you to put it on your resume, your business card, send it to potential employers/networks or anyone that you want to share your skills with.

My Notes
Candidate created notes can be used to record information or actions against a particular job. Each note will have a time and date stamp associated with it. You are the only one who can see ‘My Notes’ and you are the only one who can edit or delete them.

My Bookmarks
Bookmarks allow you to keep track of advertisers you would like to be associated with.