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Link Discovered Between Jobs and Mental Health

04 September 2012

Link Discovered Between Jobs and Mental Health

The International Career Institute has reported that researchers from the Centre for Mental Health at the Australian National University analysed more than seven thousands Australians for seven years to see how their employment status and work conditions affected their mental health. Some unexpected results were found. For example, study demonstrated that job that asks too much without giving back enough is just as stressful as having no job at all.

international-career-instituteJason Kennedy of the International Career Institute explained that these surprising results are well described in the survey. First, participants were asked for working age then for early symptoms of depression, nervousness and how often they had felt peaceful and pleased in the earlier month. In addition, applicants were asked about their workplace environment, including how much control and flexibility they had, the complexity and weight of their workload, how they viewed their job security and whether they thought their pay was fair.

To get the best results possible, various factors that could affect the outcomes are taken into account such as previous education and marital status. Those in well-supported, flexible and secure jobs are enjoying much better health than those in jobs lacking such characteristics.

Furthermore, it has been discovered that the mental health of people without jobs was comparable or even better than those who were working in poor quality jobs characterised by high demand and complexity, low job control and unfair pay.

There were many researches on this topic. Similar research showed that although mental health improved when people moved out of unemployment into a good job, moving into a poor quality job was more detrimental to mental health than remaining unemployed. In conclusion, the researchers have found a direct linear relationship between people's mental health and the quality of their jobs.

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